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OpenText® Livelink™ to Microsoft® SharePoint™ migrations

The Big Migration With our, very inexpensive, tooling we are able to migrate your OpenText® Livelink™ environment to Microsoft® SharePoint™, or Office 365™. The great news about our tooling is that you can reuse the import part after the migration to import your file shares for example.

Out of the box we are able to migrate all common Livelink™ subtypes like documents, URL’s, shortcuts, projects, and much more. We are also able to flatten folders into metadata columns and to import this, for example, into the term store. Our tooling is extremely flexible, and we can change it easily according to your needs.

Furthermore we are able to do redirects, for requests that are done to Livelink™, to SharePoint™. This works already during migration (!) and also afterwards.

Enough about the technical part, a Livelink™ migration is just 20% technical! The rest is all about the impact on your organization, which is faced with an (unwanted) migration. We are able to help you with this impact on your organization, and can tell you how we did this with other (big) companies.

The Livelingstone Group is mostly able to propose a FIXED PRICE proposal, which implicates that we take the risk for the migration. This is possible since we can use our previous experience to make a sharp estimation.

You are worried about the customizations on Livelink™? No worries, we migrated application before or find an alternative, with the help of our OScript specialists. You are worried about your workflows on Livelink™? No worries, we migrated them before. You are worried about……? Ask us, we have faces lots of problems and objections before. We like to inform you non-committal about a migration.

Ask us for a FREE and Non-committal

  • Presentation of our experience at other enterprises
  • Quick Scan (depending on the needs, usually 1 to 2 days) to get an insight in your environment. Based on this Quick Scan we create an attractive proposal

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